The Developer’s reputation for top-notch quality and finish isn’t accidental; it’s the result of deliberate planning and collaboration with skilled teams. For the interior design, the Developers turned to Spaciz in Victoria. Interior Designer Maddie Venn (Leslie) led the project. Maddie has a keen sense of artistry and technical know-how which come together to produce compelling designs backed by precise specifications. Maddie’s approach for Lakeside West condos was to focus on function as the primary design principle; an especially important feature when designing multi-family projects.

What can buyers expect when they purchase a Lakeside West condominium?

“Buyers can expect well thought-out, functional interiors which will be easy to live in. Our design team pushes the boundaries to keep up with interior design trends and you will see this reflected in the warm, minimalistic, Scandinavian-inspired interiors and common areas,” says Maddie. “We consider durability, longevity, and cleanability to ensure that the material selections will perform for the end user for many years to come.”

How did you include functionality in the aesthetics of the design?

“Our team has designed many multi-family projects, and we’ve also lived in them. We pull from those first-hand experiences and apply what we’ve learned. In every Lakeside West unit type you will find ample storage (even storage rooms in several unit types), a great amount of counter space in the kitchen and bathroom(s), and ample sized rooms for your furniture.”

What design features or attributes are you most proud of?

“We had some fun with the interior finishes in this building; We explored colour in the common areas and even applied a splash of colour in the unit interiors. We took inspiration from the building’s exterior design and transferred it into a sophisticated and elevated interior design.”

In a competitive condo market, Spaciz’ always aims to create something distinct yet budget-conscious, to ensure it stands out from the crowd. Their secret to merging functionality with aesthetics lies in cabinetry that offers ample storage, stylish touches such as the tiled fireplace design and well-designed office space (in the + den unit styles) for exceptional work/home lifestyle.

A Fun Fact about Maddie:

“I grew up in Langford and spent my summers at Langford Lake. There was no rail-trail, we just walked to the lake down the train tracks! It has been remarkable to see how much Langford has changed, especially in the past few years.”

“This project felt close to home, and I love that I am getting to put my mark on the community which shaped me.”
Spaciz’s ethos—questioning norms, blending influences, and pushing boundaries—reflected perfectly in Lakeside West, offering spaces that you’d be proud to call your own.